Thursday, September 30, 2010


Applying around my area to all sorts of places... No job experience, but hey I'm a college student so some place has to take me! Like that crappy Halloween store at the very least? My roomie asked if I wanted to start working out with her and I was pretty glad, I've been feeling a little lazy(but on a side note I've been walking everywhere and went biking the other day lol). Only problem? She wants us to sign up for some sort of lessons so... money. Dumb silly silly money and dumb parents that have instilled guilt upon me by spending it. I'd so much rather do a job related to my creativity/art... But that's totally not going to happen until I'm out of college :/ Sooo to sum that up: Hopefully someone wants an inexperienced college student to work for them... Around her school schedule, augh.

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